Badoo Using Offline Adverts In NewYork


Living in New York City? then you may have noticed an onslaught of new posters promoting a kind of hook up service for social media users called Badoo. The service is very clever in that it hooks into every available email db and social site you use to then get you connected to others.  The slight weakness as with most dating services is the lack of ladies using the service.  As well as the I’m I hot or not style of game played on the meeting people side of things.  

Clearly though it has some great numbers they quote 150M users on the advert which is impressive and Badoo regularly features in the profit charts for apps on measurement sites like App Annie, and Inside Social Games.  The service is a tad spam in nature but if they can overcome that element and do something with their audience and their adverting budgets to deliver a good dating service or similar I figure they will create an even more valuable proposition its impressive they have embraced offline adverting its a rarity in the space.


About Simon Collins
Founder of Cashcade Ltd

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